Summer Progam

BCCC Summer Program

Update as of 5/4/17:

Our summer programs are full.  We are unable to add any more children to the sessions.

BCCC Summer Preschool Program

We know child development! Parents trust our center because we provide a safe and nurturing environment for their children, with a focus on developmentally appropriate learning through play.
Our summer preschool program is designed to make the most of the warm weather, sunshine and the outdoors. We emphasize playing active games, exploring nature in our playground as well as some of the city’s parks and playgrounds, small and large group activities, and engaging social skills to build friendships. We take weekly field trips using either the city bus, light rail or a chartered bus.

Our preschool program is for children 3 to 5 years old. Children must be fully potty trained in order to attend.

Previous summer field trips and center activities have included:
• Children’s Museum
• Area libraries
• Swim lessons at the YWCA
• Visits to Longfellow, Hiawatha, Brackett, Cooper & Matthew’s Park
• Minnehaha Park/Wabun Park Pool
• Tamarack Nature Center’s Discovery Hollow
• Structured and open art activities
• Playing outside every day the weather permits on on-site playground

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BCCC Summer School Age Program

Expect a fun-filled summer adventure for your school age child! Explore the City is an opportunity for your child to experience the city they live in first hand. Our experienced staff will lead the children on field trips in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area. We balance our field trips by going on both cultural experiences and playful excursions.

Our program is for children who have completed a year of Kindergarten through the summer after 5th grade

Previous years field trips and activities have included:
• Explore museums/theaters like Science Museum, James J. Hill, & State Theater
• Visit parks and playgrounds in Minneapolis and St. Paul
• Swim lessons at the YWCA
• Highpoint Printing Making Center
• Visits to Farmer’s Market & Wild Rumpus bookstore
• Exploring the Mississippi river front
• Daily K.B.A.R.: Kick Back and Relax -time read age appropriate, engaging books
• Play and make your own board game
• Experience structured and open ended art activities

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