BCCC Preschoolers Wheel-a-Thon

Emphasize Safety Awareness in riding & Raise funds for Second Harvest Food Shelves

Our annual Wheel-a-Thon will be held on Wednesday May 17 from 10:30 – 11:45. We encourage everyone to participate even if you do not usually attend on Wednesdays.  On May 17th, every child needs to bring a riding toy (trike, scooter, balance bike, bike…) that they can safely ride and a helmet to BCCC.  Parents/Guardians are welcome to come, watch, and cheer their riders on during the Wheel-a-Thon.  If your child does not normally attend on Wednesdays, you are welcome to bring your child (adult must stay) at 10:30 along with their helmet and item to ride.  

The current plan is to have a group ride to Cooper Park as a large group – families who are bringing their child for the event could choose to meet us at the parking lot.  We’ll be riding around and around a large track drawn with chalk in the Cooper Parking lot.  If the weather is not cooperating we’ll be riding around the lower level of our center – one class at a time.

What will happen and why? We at BCCC support that philosophy of getting outside to play and strive to reinforce the ideas of how to be safe while doing so.  Our teachers will use time prior to our event to talk about riding safety. Officer Shaun Tillman, from the 3rd precinct, will come to BCCC on June 1st to talk to the preschoolers about safety in the community.  Officer Shaun talks about things like calling 911, strangers awareness, what to do with sharp objects if they find them, and other safety topics. If your child doesn’t attend on Thursday you are welcome to join us in Fellowship Hall at 9:30 to learn with us, it typically lasts about 30 minutes.  

Historically BCCC has held a silent auction during the spring potluck and used the money raised along from that along with the Wheel-a-thon to raise money for an outside organization like H2O for Life or World Vision.  This year we are raising money for Second Harvest Food Shelf.

In each family mailbox, you will find a collection form.  Children can ask family and friends to sponsor them as they practice safe riding skills here at BCCC.  Typically sponsors donate a flat fee to the participant.  Teachers will talk to children about only asking people that their parents/family have said is okay to ask.

*After the Wheel-a-Thon we’d like to invite everyone to bring their lunch and join us at Cooper Park for a picnic and some outdoor fun, weather permitting.