We are all safe!


I am sure most of you heard about the explosion at Minnehaha Upper Campus.  All the students in our care are safe!  Please be praying for the families, staff, officers, fire fighters, and construction crews that are working at Minnehaha right now.



BCCC Preschoolers Wheel-a-Thon

Emphasize Safety Awareness in riding & Raise funds for Second Harvest Food Shelves

Our annual Wheel-a-Thon will be held on Wednesday May 17 from 10:30 – 11:45. We encourage everyone to participate even if you do not usually attend on Wednesdays.  On May 17th, every child needs to bring a riding toy (trike, scooter, balance bike, bike…) that they can safely ride and a helmet to BCCC.  Parents/Guardians are welcome to come, watch, and cheer their riders on during the Wheel-a-Thon.  If your child does not normally attend on Wednesdays, you are welcome to bring your child (adult must stay) at 10:30 along with their helmet and item to ride.  

The current plan is to have a group ride to Cooper Park as a large group – families who are bringing their child for the event could choose to meet us at the parking lot.  We’ll be riding around and around a large track drawn with chalk in the Cooper Parking lot.  If the weather is not cooperating we’ll be riding around the lower level of our center – one class at a time.

What will happen and why? We at BCCC support that philosophy of getting outside to play and strive to reinforce the ideas of how to be safe while doing so.  Our teachers will use time prior to our event to talk about riding safety. Officer Shaun Tillman, from the 3rd precinct, will come to BCCC on June 1st to talk to the preschoolers about safety in the community.  Officer Shaun talks about things like calling 911, strangers awareness, what to do with sharp objects if they find them, and other safety topics. If your child doesn’t attend on Thursday you are welcome to join us in Fellowship Hall at 9:30 to learn with us, it typically lasts about 30 minutes.  

Historically BCCC has held a silent auction during the spring potluck and used the money raised along from that along with the Wheel-a-thon to raise money for an outside organization like H2O for Life or World Vision.  This year we are raising money for Second Harvest Food Shelf.

In each family mailbox, you will find a collection form.  Children can ask family and friends to sponsor them as they practice safe riding skills here at BCCC.  Typically sponsors donate a flat fee to the participant.  Teachers will talk to children about only asking people that their parents/family have said is okay to ask.

*After the Wheel-a-Thon we’d like to invite everyone to bring their lunch and join us at Cooper Park for a picnic and some outdoor fun, weather permitting. 

Second Harvest- Fundraiser

Today Ms. Melissa brought the food donations to Second Harvest- the food was weighed….344 pounds!

Here is an estimate of how we can convert the pounds of food and money from the silent auction for Second Harvest:

Pounds of Food to Meals:  Conversion: 1.2 lbs of food = 1 meal   so  344 lbs ÷ 1.2 = 287 meals

Dollars to Meals  Conversion: $1 = 4 meals so $920 x 4 = 3680 meals

Way to go BCCC families and staff!

We’ll have a preschool “Wheel-a-thon” the morning of May 17 from 10:30 – 12:00 where children can ask family and friends for donations (details to come at that time).


Welcome Back!

The first week of preschool and after school care is just about complete.  We’ve had a fun and busy week at Bethlehem.  We’ve been thankful for the beautiful weather this week which has given us many opportunities to play outside. It has been fun to get to know the new children who are attending our program as well as reestablish connections with our returning children who weren’t here this past summer.

This year we have more children who arrive earlier than we’ve typically had each morning.  Because of this we are working out the details for the best routine for the early morning time.

Families who bring their preschool children before 8:30 will continue to bring them into the Beginners room at drop off.  The school age children who come between 7 and 7:30 will also go to the Beginners room and those who come after 7:30 will meet Ms. Sue outside or in Fellowship Hall.  She’ll bring the group to the busses at about 8:00.

Somewhere around 8:15 all of the preschool children will be going outside to play – if it is raining outside we’ll be going into Fellowship Hall instead.  At about 8:45 both of the Pre-K classrooms will return to their classrooms for some table toy time.  As the half day children arrive (after 8:55) they’ll be joining their classroom.  Each of the classes will also go outside for another half an hour later in the morning.

I’ll be sending out the 2016 – 2017 Calendar’s today.  You will find the Tuition due schedule as well as any dates we are closed and special dates that we’ll gather as a community.  The first of the special days is Tuesday, September 20 – we’ll be hosting an Ice Cream Social between 6:00 p.m. & 7:00 p.m.  I’ll be adding the special dates to our online calendar as well.

I am putting a sheet of what we currently have for your child’s contact information into your family mailbox today (where you sign your child in and out).  Please look it over and make any corrections and return it to Jill no later than Friday, September 9.  We print all of the information and take it with us in case of an emergency and I’d rather get the corrections included in the printouts.  Please remember to let the office know if you have any changes to your cell phone number or emergency contact information throughout this year.

Have a wonderful long weekend – we are closed on Monday, September 5.

Reminder: Open House Information- August 24

Dear Families,

We are excited for the 2016-2017 school year!  On Wednesday, August 24th, we will be hosting an Open House from 5:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.  The children will have opportunities to explore their classroom space and meet their teachers before classes begin the week of Monday, August 29.

The Open House gatherings are often quite busy and crowded as families come and go.  This year, families will sign up for a time slot that will best meet your needs.  If you plan to attend, please RSVP with the following link:


Please email me an individual, close-up photo of your child before the Open House. Send it to: bethlehemchildcarecenter@gmail.com  

Ms. Janine, our office assistant, should have contacted you if you have any forms that are missing.  Please do not wait until Open House night to turn these in as we need the files completed in order for your child to begin the week of August 29.  If you have misplaced or are unsure of the forms you need, please email Janine at Janine@bethlehemkids.org.

We have had some staffing changes over the summer.  Ms. Sue has retired after working and blessing Bethlehem for the past 15 years!  She will be missed as our Lead Beginner Teacher.  Also, Mr. Michael will be leaving at the end of the summer to pursue his goal of becoming an elementary teacher.

With that knowledge, here are the new classroom teams:

Beginners: Ms. Melissa, Mr. Scott, and Ms. Ally

Pre-K A: Ms. Tessa, Ms. Amanda (returning teacher who previously worked here for 5 years) – these two will co-teach, and Ms. Ashley

Pre-K B: Ms. Rosemary and Ms. Karen


Most of the teachers have their bio’s on the webpage (www.bethlehemkids.org) – I’ll update the positions and add the new staff soon.

Another topic I wanted to address is regarding Spanish class on Monday mornings. We’ve had different teachers each year for the past three years – it is hard to find someone to commit to teaching for only 3 hours a week. Thus, we’ve decided to make a change and we will not be having our specific Monday morning Spanish lesson. Instead, each classroom will be intentional in teaching the children phrases, songs, and basic commands in Spanish to use throughout the week.

We’re excited to add an additional opportunity for our kids to learn about Christ. We have been working with Pastor Kari, BCC’s Children’s Pastor, and Pastor Dave, BCC’s Youth Pastor (and Ms. Tessa’s husband), to add chapel time to our schedules.   We will communicate with you as details are solidified.

General Information:

  • Every family will receive an updated Parent Handbook this fall and it contains the information in this list – I am pulling out some of the important information to start the year.  I will email the Parent Handbook to you and you can request a hard copy if that is what you prefer.
  • Each family has a mailbox located in the hallway which we will be using to communicate with families.  We ask that only adults take out the mail as sometimes children take mail out of the incorrect boxes. Please check it regularly.


  • Each family will be given a unique door code to use to enter BCCC.  The code is to be used by adults only.  It will be in your parent mailbox on Open House night.
  • Please clearly label your child’s lunch box, extra clothes, jacket, mittens, hats, etc. with their name as we have many children with similar items.
  • Families pack a balanced lunch each day.  BCCC provides milk and water with lunch. Please do not send juice boxes or other sweet drinks.
  • Reminder: We are a peanut free site.  Please be very aware of the foods you are sending in lunches and do not include those that have peanuts listed in the ingredients.
  • We play outside EVERY DAY (unless the temperature or wind chill is below zero or above 100 degrees) so be sure to dress your child in comfortable play clothes and appropriate shoes – closed toes and back strap – for running and playing.
  • Sign out sheets are located on the table by the parent mailboxes.  Please remember to sign your child in and out each day.
  • If your child stays at BCCC all day please send a  thin receiving-blanket sized blanket.  It isn’t necessary to send a pillow but if your child wants one please send a small, travel size pillow or small pillow pet.  The blankets and pillows stay on the cots when we stack them and larger/bulkier items make the cots unstable. If blankets and pillows aren’t the appropriate size, we won’t be able to keep them at the center. The blankets will be sent home periodically for you to wash and return on the next nap day.
  • Tuition is due the first Friday of each 4 week billing cycle, late fees ($30) will be assessed for late payment. The tuition box is the black mailbox located across the hall from the office. Families have a couple options for the first payment since the school year has one week in August. The tuition statement will reflect tuition for August 29 – September 30, 5 weeks.  The payment can be split for the one week in August, due September 2, and then the four weeks in September, due September 9.  The back of the Parent Handbook will have a schedule of when payments are due.
  • Families can pay via check, cash, credit card – Jill is the only staff member that can swipe your card- or using our online payment service, Tuition Express.  If you want information for Tuition Express you can email Jill and request your code.
  • I encourage you to subscribe to the e-letters & updates on our website, www.bethlehemkids.org .  Look on the right hand column and you will find a spot to enter your email address.  This is set up as a blog which means you will automatically be notified when updates occur.  The annoying part of this is that you will get many notifications on the day we all update our newsletters. The good news is that you cannot miss the fact that we’ve updated our newsletters and can choose which to open based on which are important to you.
  • Your classroom teachers will have more information for you at Open House.

We look forward to seeing each of you on Wednesday, August 24.

Thank You,


Jill Ravensborg