Creative Movement & Actor’s Studio

Hello Families,

We have two optional programs beginning in a couple of weeks.

Creative movement (available to preschool children who attend on Thursdays) introduces children to a variety of music and movement activities that encourage children to:

  • listen to music and learn to use their bodies to move with the music
  • become more aware of their own body and how it moves
  • learn to move safely in an area with other dancers
  • begin to learn names of dance terminology

Actors Studio (available to all school agers who attend on Fridays) is a class in which the children work together to contribute ideas and put on a short play/skit.  Along the way they work practice public speaking, blocking, accepting and providing constructive critique, and to gain confidence that their voice is important.

There are sign-up forms with more information in each of your parent/guardian mailboxes.