Second Harvest- Fundraiser

Today Ms. Melissa brought the food donations to Second Harvest- the food was weighed….344 pounds!

Here is an estimate of how we can convert the pounds of food and money from the silent auction for Second Harvest:

Pounds of Food to Meals:  Conversion: 1.2 lbs of food = 1 meal   so  344 lbs ÷ 1.2 = 287 meals

Dollars to Meals  Conversion: $1 = 4 meals so $920 x 4 = 3680 meals

Way to go BCCC families and staff!

We’ll have a preschool “Wheel-a-thon” the morning of May 17 from 10:30 – 12:00 where children can ask family and friends for donations (details to come at that time).