Welcome Back!

The first week of preschool and after school care is just about complete.  We’ve had a fun and busy week at Bethlehem.  We’ve been thankful for the beautiful weather this week which has given us many opportunities to play outside. It has been fun to get to know the new children who are attending our program as well as reestablish connections with our returning children who weren’t here this past summer.

This year we have more children who arrive earlier than we’ve typically had each morning.  Because of this we are working out the details for the best routine for the early morning time.

Families who bring their preschool children before 8:30 will continue to bring them into the Beginners room at drop off.  The school age children who come between 7 and 7:30 will also go to the Beginners room and those who come after 7:30 will meet Ms. Sue outside or in Fellowship Hall.  She’ll bring the group to the busses at about 8:00.

Somewhere around 8:15 all of the preschool children will be going outside to play – if it is raining outside we’ll be going into Fellowship Hall instead.  At about 8:45 both of the Pre-K classrooms will return to their classrooms for some table toy time.  As the half day children arrive (after 8:55) they’ll be joining their classroom.  Each of the classes will also go outside for another half an hour later in the morning.

I’ll be sending out the 2016 – 2017 Calendar’s today.  You will find the Tuition due schedule as well as any dates we are closed and special dates that we’ll gather as a community.  The first of the special days is Tuesday, September 20 – we’ll be hosting an Ice Cream Social between 6:00 p.m. & 7:00 p.m.  I’ll be adding the special dates to our online calendar as well.

I am putting a sheet of what we currently have for your child’s contact information into your family mailbox today (where you sign your child in and out).  Please look it over and make any corrections and return it to Jill no later than Friday, September 9.  We print all of the information and take it with us in case of an emergency and I’d rather get the corrections included in the printouts.  Please remember to let the office know if you have any changes to your cell phone number or emergency contact information throughout this year.

Have a wonderful long weekend – we are closed on Monday, September 5.